DesignDept PressRelease LosAngeles 2023 3840px TINIFIED DesignDept PressRelease LosAngeles 2023 3840px TINIFIED
DesignDept PressRelease LosAngeles 2023 3840px TINIFIED DesignDept PressRelease LosAngeles 2023 3840px TINIFIED

Design Dept Launches in Los Angeles

Introducing Design Dept — a new design studio Unbound by Convention, led by Ali Martín Filsoof.

January 1, 2022 — Los Angeles, CA — Meet Design Dept, an independent, inventive, multi-specialty branding & design studio that draws inspiration from its international heritage. Ali’s journey began in Tehran, Iran — a city with 6,000 years of artistic history — before continuing onto the coastal village of Barranco, Peru, and eventually landing in the United States. After decades of working with award-winning agencies including FCB Global, Cahan & Associates, Toth+Co, ViTRO and the world’s most influential companies like American Express, Virgin Galactic, Marriott, P&G Ventures, Michael Kors, and Quibi, he is bringing a new perspective to LA’s vibrant design community.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese and Swiss design philosophies, Design Dept’s ethos is rooted in minimalism, harmony, and balance. Unbound by Convention celebrates our commitment to challenging boundaries, embracing Ma間 or the power of negative space and the art of subtraction, alongside the visionary grid systems developed by Josef Müller-Brockmann.

Design Dept will offer a full suite of creative services, including consulting, strategy, branding, design, packaging, digital experiences, music supervision and art direction. We handcraft design systems and digital experiences that encapsulate the spirit of diverse clients, from startups to established brands.

Our international creative collective at Design Dept comprises divergent, entrepreneurial thinkers with an insatiable curiosity and an eye for innovative design. We work with clients to understand business challenges, reveal strategic truths, and intuitively design solutions that positively influence human behavior.

Collaboration is at our core, and we actively cultivate partnerships with both local and international experts, seeking to foster a creative exchange between Eastern and Western design communities.

Our love for art and design has manifested into three side hustles:

Dezine An insightful podcast series, facilitating discourse on the evolving spectrum of design concepts. Listen

Departmento An independent music label, fostering an eclectic range of soundscapes. Listen

Nuestro Mercado An eminent clothing and artifacts brand, offering timeless aesthetics and contemporary sensibilities. Shop

We’re confident that Design Dept will stand as a symbol of design in Los Angeles. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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